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  • Save Links

    Organise your links.

    Arrange all your links into categories, sort and arrange them however you like.

  • Follow Friends

    Follow your friends activity.

    Like what someone is adding, then you can follow them and see their activity.

  • Send Links

    Send someone a link.

    You can send anyone a link, right from their page. Get notified when you recieve one too.

  • Import Links

    Import your browser bookmarks.

    You can import your browsers exported bookmarks straight to your Helvetihome page.

  • Scan QRcodes

    Why stick to one screen?

    View the links from your Dashboard on your smartphone or other device by scanning the links QRcode.

  • Calendar and Weather

    Your events and weather in one place.

    Have your calendar events for the day and your current locations weather displayed on your page.

There are currently 10008 links.